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Age. 31
Gender. Female
Ethnicity. Chinese/Southeast Asian
Location Wilmington, NC
School. Univ of NC at Chapel Hill
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March 2019

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Shout Outs
OMG... I must be dead...
by sirpaulmccartneyfan
I haven*t been on here since forever....
Hi Ravennah!
by Zanzibar

by randomjunk
Hey! I*m doing well at the moment, how are you?
Wow.... Been a while
by Ravennah
since I*ve been on here. How the heck are ya?

by randomjunk
Haha, I keep meaning to write a post...
You should all update to give me
by Zanzibar
something to read

by bauhaus
by AmbyrJayde
I thought you were all gone :o But then it all came back

by undisputed
Thank the heavens
by dannixfresh
Nutang is still around! I thought I lost you guys

We'll still have a connection
Sunday. 8.21.05 3:42 am
Unsuspected, you swept me off my feet
Tried to catch me before I fell too deep
Now all these feelings I have to subside
And loneliness devours me inside
With my heart in the state of frailty
It's like trying to defy gravity!

Then you tell me you'll always be there for me
Your friendship deeper, memories more vivid
than the distant horizon and bright blue sea
Although the dense sea and the airy sky
Both can never truely be together
They're connected soul to soul forever...

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I'm always behind in the Asian world
Saturday. 8.20.05 9:47 am
OMG, i just found out that theres a chinese movie version of INITIAL D

JAY CHOU and EDISON CHEN are in it! Major HOTTness!

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Pics to share
Thursday. 8.18.05 2:00 pm
Just some pics. I have lots more~ check out my pic gallery, theres a link to it on the left column.

My UNC roomate (who's one step away from being a TKD blackbelt) and me


My friends @ Outback, first 4 @ NCSU, next 2 @ Meredith, me? UNC- Chapel Hill


Just a random pic of me, i take pics when i'm bored ^^


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My rants
Wednesday. 8.10.05 10:03 pm
Those ads are annoying, u know the one that always appears before u make or edit a post, and when you click on skip, it doesn't work so you have to click on back and the it disapears. Ok well, i made a semi posting about christianity, but i'm not gonna elaborate on it too much, i wanna make nutang just somewhere i talk about what i do, instead of going on with rants.

So, basically, i just beleive in being a good person and having compassion. I think that being good is innate and that we are all born as good ppl. I don't think there should be something in the middle of all of this, which is the bible, god, and jesus, which all just detracts from the real purpose and creates needless arguments and conflicts. For example, the bible...its not really the "word of god" its written by ppl, and there can be so many mistakes. Adding to that is the bible being only a traslation, does n e body know where the original bible is? And whether or not the bible is accurate shouldn't even matter because, agian, that just detracts from the original purpose. So...catholics, jews, and baptist, they all disagree on the issue of jesus and his origins and blah blah. Why does it freakin matter? Why teach me history according to the bible and use that to interpret the way i should act/live. That is why i prefer buddhism, instead of there being a history/story and a book that is like a story that needs to be interpreted in round about ways....buddhism is PHILOSOPHY rather than RELIGION. Its ironic that most of the wars and conflict we have in the world is BECAUSE of religion, and if not religion, well then they use it to justify it. We just all want to be good ppl, have compassion and live happy lives, and there is no need to beleive in a god to have that. "you can go to heaven if confess your sins" thats really silly. I think that when you die, in a way you reincarnate because the matter in your body is recycled in the universe, and your "soul", that is energy which also flows back into the universe. With most of the christians i've talked to, i only get one answer and that is "we have faith". Now think about it, think about it for REAL. Does that justify? I mean, faith? How do you know your faith is correct? NEVER!

My thoughts on this runs a lot deeper, but its really hard for me to explain it well. Maybe one day, i'll write a paper.

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Thursday. 8.4.05 12:24 am
August 9th will be one year since my cousin Ben's life slipped away.

I feel so alone and empty. I hate being attached to people...i hate being so emotional, irrational, passionate. I hate everything that is me. I always end up loving others more than they love me, I always end up getting hurt. People always end up leaving me. I'm cursed, jinxed.

Ugh, i hate losing my happy go lucky attitude. I must maintain it, fake it if i have to.

I need to think more with my mind, less with my heart. I need to just think less in general.

*Next morning comments*~

Ummm i think last night was crazy (all of the stuff i wrote above)! I think i was having one of those days, had some emotions to get out. But today, i'm really happy! I'm bounce back pretty quick. OK, what to do today? Somethingssss fun!!!!

& _ _ _ ;

just fill in the blank with these words...
ex: ♥







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Tuesday. 8.2.05 6:28 pm
Friday- kevin, kate, drew, ted, emily, molly, and Jordan all went to Jungle Rapids and had a blast. Its been a while since we've all hung out together, and I really had lots of fun. It was soo hot and muggy outsides, it really did feel like a jungle. Afterwards, we went to Buffalo Wild Wings to get some grub. We got in right before it started to pour. The conversation was pretty interesting... Drew's really competitive towards me for some reason. Got back around 1am. Talked to Dale. Eew, rats are nasty!

Monday-Carowinds and early morning drama

I woke up @ 6:37 and we were suppose to leave at 7! My alarm didn't wake me up. Then @ 6:50, Emily called saying she was sick, didn't want to go, so now we don't can't drive her car! So then i had to drive me car, and then xue's car...kate couldn't go because her mom said me and Xue drive to fast (asian stereotype). But oh well, Our huge group diminished to all just 6 girls! On the ride there, we had a blast. DJ Easy (Edith) did a good job...thanks to my vast choice of music on my iPOD. Xue's car was probably boring as hell, hehe. We listen to this one song from mucho Techno, so funny.

Got there.....rode all the rides...so much fun! Headaches tho from the rides...expensive food. Best ride was Borg, i was actaully flying!!!

On the way back, got some chinese buffet. Car ride home was soooooo much fun. Me molly and edith were all cracking jokes about ppl, and we called xue's car singing "we belong together" like we were drunk mofos. I've never laughed so hard in my life. DJ Rudy (Molly, Rudy-Rudolph b/c she her nose was sooo red from sun) did a bad job at first, but after a few request it got better. I didn't kinow molly knew the words to sugar by trick daddy too!

So tired when i got home, never wanted sleep so much in my life!

No more working way!!! I get to just chill and relax until i go to school. I went to beach this morning with kev....so funny yo! Crunk, foot patrol, whip, g-unit...ahahha!

I wish we took more pics!!!! But i'll always remember how much fun us girls had together!

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